Guild News


Necro ΩCtag posted Dec 28, 17

It's Back that's right boys and girls we are have returned to Ark 

Mod list for the server can be found at

Connection Info:

George Ctag dont go to crasy i want to play too HAHAHAH well hope to be home this weekend

7 Days News

Necro ΩCtag posted Dec 10, 17

Okay, I just received an email from Host Havoc, and this is big so I am going to copy and paste the mail for you.

In an effort to provide a more reliable, and better performing hosting service, we have made arrangements to relocate our hardware in Dallas to another facility. If you are receiving this email, one of your services will be affected by this move. The motive behind this change is due primarily to the network performance and DDoS protection not being up to the standard we push for. The facility being moved to offers a significantly better network (lower latency – as much as 30% improvement) using Internap Performance IP and an improved appliance-based anti-DDoS platforms. All of your service’s files and settings will be moved, and the new IP address automatically updated in your control panel.

This migration will unfortunately result in the change of IP addresses/ports, as well as several hours of downtime. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the lack of notice on our part. With details being sparse up until this point in time, we couldn’t provide an accurate estimate on when the procedure would take place. The move is scheduled for the following: 
  • Friday, December the 15th. Commencing between 12:30PM and 1:30PM CST (central). Downtime is estimated to be between 4-6 hours.
We will keep you updated as things progress, and if there are any changes to the timeline.


Clay at Host Havoc
As soon as everything is set and done I will post the new IP address and port so you can update everything, the password will remain the same, and unless something gets fucked up the world will be saved so this will not be a wipe. 

It's back

Necro ΩCtag posted Nov 11, 17

That's right the FGN 7 Days to Die server is back Server password is the same as it was if you do not remember it ask Necro, Tiffany or Donut. The server is modded and day/night is set at 120 min, and Zombies are not set to run yet after day 21 this will change, to run at night.

A quick note

Necro ΩCtag posted Aug 1, 17

Whispering Tides has started in SWL log in to get your free stuff. New game to check out Dark and Light. This weekend SWL groups will be running the event. ESO new DLC drops this month.

The all seeing eye

Necro ΩCtag posted Jun 27, 17

Well, now The Secret world has taken a cue from Hollywood and had a reboot if you are interested in joining FGN in that game speak with Tiffany. 

ESO Mundus Stone Update, after thinking long and hard and talking with a few of you, we have decided not to get the Stones for the house, the cost is just too much, and to be honest I can not afford it. As it stands donations have fallen off for everything, I understand that everyone has something going on and are coming up short money. Maybe sometime down the road, I will see what I can do about getting a few. With the cost of my game subs, the Ark Servers, website, and Mumble server I just can not take on any more.