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Ark Holiday Event and More

By Necro ΩCtag - Posted Dec 2, 16

Well my little Forsaken Gamers big, big news in ark, first let me copy and paste a few large things from the upcoming patch notes. 

v253, ETA: December 21

- 2 New Full-Scale Underwater Caves (progression-oriented with Artifacts!)

- Tek Tier Phase 1: Tek Engram system, Element Resource system, Tek Replicator, Tek Rifle, Tek Helmet, Tek Visor, Tek Jetpack, Tek Boots, Tek Gloves, Tek Rex Saddle

- Winter Wonderland 2 Event! Follow Raptor Claus around The Island, Scorched Earth, and The Center as he drops items, coal, and the occasional tough-as-nails creature to keep you warm at night! Lots of cosmetics and the DodoRex make an appearance, along with new items!

Also coming to the end of December will be two PVP events on the ark servers the server will be staying PVE. Thanks to tribe war you can engage in PVP on a PVE server.

Event One will be, an all for one raid whoever wishes to join up for this will be ported to the same spot. You will be removed from the Forsaken Tribe (just while the event goes on) you will declare war on everyone with your own tribe. All Forsaken Gaming Nation Bases will be off-limits and No Kill Zones except one which will be clearly marked. I will then give everyone 50 rounds, a set of armor, a long neck, a bed and a metal pillbox base set up. the timer will start and your goal will be to beat everyone into the Forsaken Raid base winner will get a full set of Ascendant Gear and Two Ascendant Weapons that that pick. 

Event Two I am going to call the Greased Justin Chase. Justin will be removed from the tribe we will declare war on him he will then be placed in the Redwoods first to find and kill him will win their pick of an Ascendant Saddle.

Now this Ascendant stuff is going to be the Top lvl stuff the 100 stuff so it is not like the B.P.s we have running around the bases.

Also, some of you may have noticed Justin and I in H1Z1 again, if you would like to join us let us know, we are going to be playing all the games we have off and on more on a rotation H1, Ark, ESO ect.