Guild News

The all seeing eye

Necro ΩCtag posted Jun 27, 17

Well, now The Secret world has taken a cue from Hollywood and had a reboot if you are interested in joining FGN in that game speak with Tiffany. 

ESO Mundus Stone Update, after thinking long and hard and talking with a few of you, we have decided not to get the Stones for the house, the cost is just too much, and to be honest I can not afford it. As it stands donations have fallen off for everything, I understand that everyone has something going on and are coming up short money. Maybe sometime down the road, I will see what I can do about getting a few. With the cost of my game subs, the Ark Servers, website, and Mumble server I just can not take on any more.

Got Cash?

Necro ΩCtag posted Jun 21, 17

Hey ESO players, got some spare cash? If so please consider dropping us a few bucks so we can get the Mundus stones for the guild house they are 4k crowns each and for all 13 well that is over 52,000 Crowns. I would buy them all if I could. To make a donation to this use the module to the right. 

ESO Builds are coming I am waiting for an update to ESO Skillfactory so that we can get the new CP system up and then I will start posting builds.

Big Changes

Necro ΩCtag posted Apr 19, 17

Soon we will be getting the new expansion to ESO big changes are coming please go read them now so you are not taken off guard. the biggest part I think everyone should read is post number 14

ESO and Ark

Necro ΩCtag posted Mar 20, 17

Weekends in ESO we will be running pledges and gear farms starting at 18:00 CST Saturday and Sunday. Guild Hall has been set up we are trying to get more decor to put in it if you wish to see it as it is right click on Necrospecter in guild roster and travel to primary residence. If you wish to donate deco please mail it to @Necrospecter.


Upcoming Version: v256, ETA: March 29
- New Mechanic: Aquatic & Amphibious Creature Breeding

WOO HOO so we are out to tame 189 and better for breeding!!!

Boss farming

Necro ΩCtag posted Feb 20, 17

In Ark on the island server we have been farming the bosses as of late. The red obelisk has been the site we have been using, due to the huge pain in the ass of taking the Rex Army there I have gated it off and left the army there. The Obelisk is still public domain the gates are unlocked and the pin is posted on billboards.

If you are a member of the Forsaken Tribe do not lock these gates for any reason, and no more beds we have parked Grandma Bronto there and she has beds for you to spawn on if you need. If you are not a member feel free to use the obelisk as normal, all I ask is make sure you close the gate behind you if the auto closed is disengaged.